Wedding Harpist

shannon ryan, energy medicine practitioner


harp photoMusic to Honor and Celebrate the Path of Union with the Beloved

As a professional harpist and true romantic, I treasure being given the opportunity to offer music for wedding and commitment ceremonies. I take special care to work with you on choosing the music that is just right. This is your special day, and I am honored to support you by creating a musical atmosphere that reflects the exquisite beauty and sacred nature of your union.



"Shannon Ryan’s remarkable musical talents were largely responsible for making the occasion of my wedding ceremony a classy, solemn, and awesomely beautiful event.  She flawlessly played selections both perfect for the occasion and of my personal choosing—illustrative of her versatility and remarkable for the complexity of her primary instrument. Her abilities are on a par with any world class harpist, and I have heard the very best from the nations largest, most esteemed symphonies.  Her mere presence lends so much to her performance that she reminds one of an exquisite Renaissance painting wherein the subject is so serene, gentle, and of a beautiful, angelic countenance, that it makes one’s heart ache for the overwhelming natural beauty that she exudes.  Extremely personable, amenable, and articulate, her superior intellect allows her to readily grasp any scenario and make it hers.  Compliments were profuse from every venue of the ceremony’s attendees, most of whom were Senior educators and PhDs.  I stand as a ready and credible referance for any position or event she is being considered for."

~Frank H. Diemer 

MBA; MS; Certified Engineer of Human Factors: Lieutenant Colonel, USA, Retired


wedding photo“Shannon is much more than a talented harpist. Her healing angelic   presence and music evoke the spirit of the Divine Beloved. As our guests   arrived, they entered into a magical and soothing sacred space that was so much created by the energy Shannon infused it with. She helped consecrate our wedding and we are forever grateful.”

Jessica and Syd
Olympia, WA


“Shannon sang an enchanting, romantic, love song in Gaelic at my wedding ceremony in the summer of 2006. It was the highlight for myself and many others. While she sang to us, I had my first moments of total presence and relaxation on a day that had been quite hectic. She created space for all of the guests to connect and touched everyone with feelings of gentleness, love and passion. The wedding ceremony was transformed from an extremely diverse group of individuals into a group united by the beauty and emotion of her song. Many guests commented on Shannon's performance both that day and the years following. Even the most unlikely made statements of being so moved that they were brought to tears. Shannon is a beautiful person gifted with an amazing musical talent and voice. I highly recommend her as an enchanting addition to any event.”

Molly Chaudoir, Santa Cruz, CA



Choosing the music:
Harp music for a wedding may include playing one half hour before the wedding to create the perfect atmosphere for arriving guests, the processional music for the entering attendants, bride and groom, any special music during the ceremony, recessional music, and music at the end as the guests are leaving.
If you have any difficulty selecting your wedding music, I am happy to offer you a free consultation.


This is the music played while the guests are being seated.  It sets the mood by infusing the atmosphere as people arrive.
Sometimes brides specify some of the pieces that are to be played during this time, but generally prefer not to pick out all 15-30 minutes of music.  It is often best to let me know if there is any broad type of music you do or do not wish to be
included, and within those parameters, I’ll do my best to select pieces that will support the mood and setting you wish to create.


The processional music is played while the wedding party and bride walk down the aisle. Generally pieces that make the best processionals are pieces that can be performed at a walking tempo and that can be ended at various points during the performance.


Ceremonial Interlude:
You may choose to have one or more pieces played or sung during the ceremony, depending on how much music you want to include, and how long you want your ceremony to be.

If the solo is to be played at the quiet part of the ceremony (such as during the lighting of the unity candle) almost any piece that is soft and beautiful will do.  If the solo will be the main focus of the ceremony you may choose a gaelic sean nos love song, or a piece that has significant meaning to you and your beloved. 


The recessional music is played as the bride, groom, wedding party, and wedding officiate walk back out down the aisle.  This music is often celebratory, and does not need to be very long.


The postlude music is played immediately after the recessional as the guests leave their seats.  Postlude music is not always needed, but it may be a lovely way to support the beauty of the ceremony remaining in the hearts of the guests as they leave.


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