shannon ryan, energy medicine practitioner

“With precision of light, intuition, and presence, Shannon's healing sessions are in the realm of mastery. I highly recommend her sessions as support if you are excited as well as serious about taking your body, heart and soul on the most extraordinary journey possible this life time.”

~ Jessica


“Shannon’s massage demonstrates a mastery of technique guided by intuition and her innate healing abilities. I felt like a work of art in the hands of a master sculptor and I emerged from the work rejuvenated and balanced.”  ~ John


“ I highly recommend Shannon’s sessions. I had a bum knee, very painful; cured. I had a little white tumor on my face, dermatologist said it needed surgery to remove; it's gone after 2 sessions. And those were long distance. (In person for the knee). I go to Shannon for what I call preventative maintenance sessions, and I feel at age 61 like I am 35!  ”

~ Laurel 


“My work with Shannon, has been a wonderful layer upon layer of letting go, and learning the art of staying in my body.  I have recently gone through a huge period of trust and letting go, and as I have told her and my friends, I would have been somewhere, curled up in a ball unable to move, had it not been for the work we have done together.  She is a very caring compassionate healer.”
~ Sharon


 “Shannon is a gifted and connected energy medicine practitioner. She is masterful at using touch and sound to guide me into my own deeper healing capacities. By Shannon providing a safe and ultra-nourishing space, I feel at ease allowing myself to receive the energy she offers. I feel renewed, clear, and uplifted receiving from Shannon.”
~ Amy


“I had a healing session with Shannon four years ago, and it was a cure!  I had figured I would be needing a knee replacement at some point in the future because it would ache terribly at certain weather changes, or when driving long distances.  Now, ever since the healing session, it has been pain free.”


“Shannon is the most amazing healer! Her distance healing is also outstanding. Many thanks Shannon.”

 ~ Nancy


 “Shannon’s spiritual energy work is done with clarity, power, and purity of intention.  I trust her to help me as I strive to be my highest self.” ~ Joan Marie


 “Shannon works very intuitively, with compassion and confidence.  During our sessions, she was receptive to my pain and heartache in a way that I have never experienced with anyone before.  Shannon created a space for me to get in touch with deeply personal, emotional, and spiritual issues.  It was truly a powerful and transformational experience for me.  I continue to feel this healing to this day, many years later.  Shannon’s gift is one that needs to be experienced to be fully appreciated, and anyone who has this opportunity will be truly blessed and changed forever.”
~ Johanna


“Whenever I receive sound energy medicine from Shannon, it is as though she takes me on a long, soothing journey into myself. During these journeys, I sometimes get to visit with ancestors, animals and others who help me center, integrate, and heal. Shannon has a unique and powerful gift and I am very grateful to be one of the recipients of that gift.”


 “Shannon has a marvelous way of grounding me and calming my comparatively crude and excited energy into a smooth gentle hum. Sometimes I would be surprised to still feel her hands working in one place, now joined by a new set of hands working in another place. How she could possibly work on my head and feet simultaneously? My eyes were closed so it remains a mystery.” 

"As she worked the right side of my body began to inflate, like one of those crinkled up summer water toys that comes in a tiny box, it starts out all twisted and wrinkled, but as you blow it straightens out, the wrinkles stretching tight and firm as it transforms. First the leg, then the torso then the arm, all the way to the top till my head popped out. Wow. It was like half my body had been missing since I was hit by that car when I was three, and I just got this new sense of it back. During the next session after I had had some time to readjust and integrate the missing me, I told Shannon that the right side was still a bit duller energetically than the left side and she balanced it out. Many months later, it remains balanced and beautifully integrated. My health feels balanced too.”
~ Darin


“Shannon's energy medicine is a most harmonious blend of hands-on and subtle healing. It's not uncommon for a healing modality to overlook the necessity to address needs of both body AND spirit. Shannon's work is a beautiful balance and clearly is something she is constantly learning anew and refining–a necessity for the healer who is adapting to the changing conditions on the planet in which healing takes place.”
~ Forest


“Shannon played for our family and my mother the night before she died.  It felt like her music (both recorded and live) built a bridge between this reality and the next.  Shannon’s music and presence was a great comfort to our family.  I have no doubt that she helped shape our mothers passing into a peaceful, healing experience for all of us.  I wish everyone could be so blessed to have Shannon play for them in their final days.”
~ Gloria Lamson, Port Townsend, WA


"I have never in my whole life experienced such beautiful and heavenly music, it is beyond words.  I don't know if it is just that I never opened to music in this way before, but listening to your playing is an experience, like no other I have ever had. It is heaven on earth, what a treasure, I can't thank you enough!"

Hospice Patient, Sequim, WA


“Shannon’s harp playing has helped to reduce the intensity of my pain.  The sessions are vital to uplifting my spirits.”
~ Hospice client, Port Angeles, WA


"Shannon played so beautifully and chose music that he would respond to.  She has a lovely, calming, and gentle spirit, and he calmed down from his anxiety.  It was WONDERFUL!  Thank You"

~wife of hospice patient, Port townsend, WA


"Lovely Sound Sanctuary Shannon…I wish for millions to receive this gift! Deeply nourishing ~Thank you~"



“Sound Sanctuary is exquisite. Divinely delicious melodies pour from Shannon like the sweetest cream or a soothing balm that sets everything right as rain. When she sings every cell, every fiber resonates the delightful healing energy of her song in chorus. When my cells sing I feel them letting go of ancient emotions and reframing old prisons into new playgrounds. A certain joy settles into my heart because home just got that much better. Welcome Home.”
~ Em


"Shannon Ryan’s remarkable musical talents were largely responsible for making the occasion of my wedding ceremony a classy, solemn, and awesomely beautiful event.  She flawlessly played selections both perfect for the occasion and of my personal choosing—illustrative of her versatility and remarkable for the complexity of her primary instrument. Her abilities are on a par with any world class harpist, and I have heard the very best from the nations largest, most esteemed symphonies.  Her mere presence lends so much to her performance that she reminds one of an exquisite Renaissance painting wherein the subject is so serene, gentle, and of a beautiful, angelic countenance, that it makes one’s heart ache for the overwhelming natural beauty that she exudes.  Extremely personable, amenable, and articulate, her superior intellect allows her to readily grasp any scenario and make it hers.  Compliments were profuse from every venue of the ceremony’s attendees, most of whom were Senior educators and PhDs.  I stand as a ready and credible referance for any position or event she is being considered for."

~Frank H. Diemer 

MBA; MS; Certified Engineer of Human Factors: Lieutenant Colonel, USA, Retired


“Shannon is much more than a talented harpist. Her healing angelic   presence and music evoke the spirit of the Divine Beloved. As our guests   arrived, they entered into a magical and soothing sacred space that was so much created by the energy Shannon infused it with. She helped consecrate our wedding and we are forever grateful.”

Jessica and Syd
Olympia, WA


“Shannon sang an enchanting, romantic, love song in Gaelic at my wedding ceremony in the summer of 2006. It was the highlight for myself and many others. While she sang to us, I had my first moments of total presence and relaxation on a day that had been quite hectic. She created space for all of the guests to connect and touched everyone with feelings of gentleness, love and passion. The wedding ceremony was transformed from an extremely diverse group of individuals into a group united by the beauty and emotion of her song. Many guests commented on Shannon's performance both that day and the years following. Even the most unlikely made statements of being so moved that they were brought to tears. Shannon is a beautiful person gifted with an amazing musical talent and voice. I highly recommend her as an enchanting addition to any event.”

Molly Chaudoir, Santa Cruz, CA