Therapeutic Harp

shannon ryan, energy medicine practitioner

“Make me an instrument of thy love, healing, inspiration, and peace”

MedinaBirth-copy2-300x190In a therapeutic harp session, the harp and voice are utilized at the bedside (or tableside), to create a “cradle of sound” to help nourish and support clients through transitions in life, birth, and death. Through tuning into vital signs, as well as resonant tone and spiritual essence, Shannon is able to respond to her client with a live musical offering that reflects their personal essence and divine nature.
The warmth of this living music can bring solace, acceptance, and grace to challenging and momentous life experiences, and it has been shown to ease physical symptoms such as pain, restlessness, agitation, and labored breathing. The music offers an atmosphere of peace and serenity that can be profoundly soothing for those present.


“Shannon played for our family and my mother the night before she died.  It felt like her music (both recorded and live) built a bridge between this reality and the next.  Shannon’s music and presence was a great comfort to our family.  I have no doubt that she helped shape our mothers passing into a peaceful, healing experience for all of us.  I wish everyone could be so blessed to have Shannon play for them in their final days.”
~ Gloria Lamson, Port Townsend, WA


"I have never in my whole life experienced such beautiful and heavenly music, it is beyond words.  I don't know if it is just that I never opened to music in this way before, but listening to your playing is an experience, like no other I have ever had. It is heaven on earth, what a treasure, I can't thank you enough!"

Hospice Patient, Sequim, WA


“Shannon’s harp playing has helped to reduce the intensity of my pain.  The sessions are vital to uplifting my spirits.”
Hospice Patient, Port Angeles, WA


"Shannon played so beautifully, and chose music he would respond to.  She has a lovely, calming, gentle spirit, and he calmed down from his anxiety.  It was WONDERFUL! Thank you"

Wife of hospice patient, Port Townsend, WA