Sound Sanctuary

shannon ryan, energy medicine practitioner

Sound Sanctuary Flyer Nourishing Essence through Guided Meditation, Ceremonial

Sound Healing, and Medicinal Music

This is an invitation to gather within a spiritual community as we meditate, pray, sound, and bathe in the ancient and healing song of the celtic harp, tibeten bowls, human voice, and medicine drum.

Sound Sanctuary is an opportunity to rest deeply within,
To fully presence our blood, bones, and liquid light nature
To harmonize our cells with the universal source of light
And align with the natural cycles of the earth, moon, sea, and stars

As we listen, and attune with the subtle realms and the very heart of God
We access the wisdom infused voices of our true essence
Medicine pours forth from the source of our being in an
ever flowing fountain
Come and bathe in the musical waters
Drink of its life giving nectar
Receive the gifts
Welcome Home


“Sound Sanctuary is exquisite. Divinely delicious melodies pour from Shannon like the sweetest cream or a soothing balm that sets everything right as rain. When she sings every cell, every fiber resonates the delightful healing energy of her song in chorus. When my cells sing I feel them letting go of ancient emotions and reframing old prisons into new playgrounds. A certain joy settles into my heart because home just got that much better. Welcome Home.”
Em Sevol, Olympia, WA


“Lovely Sound Sanctuary Shannon…I wish for millions to receive this gift!  Deeply nourishing

~Thank You~”

Kim Lincoln, Master Teacher and Spiritual Midwife


*Please bring blankets, pillows, sacred intentions, and anything else that will nourish and empower your experience

For the protection of yourselves and others, alcohol and drugs are not permitted


Please refer to calendar for dates, times, and location