The invitation


I invite you to receive the gift of healing,
To be held in your vulnerability, and nurtured as you grow into your true and full power.
I invite you to be witnessed in your joy, pain, anger, and tears
To see truth, and to understand the origins of suffering, so that you may move forward into a life of joy.
I encourage your true essence to awaken, emerge, and be met with love, presence, and compassion.
I invite you to listen as a song is woven with the threads of your essence, and is harped and sung, just for you.
And as you walk your sacred path HOME, I invite you to open to the support that is offered, so that you may step with grace and confidence, even when the road is rocky, and the weather is wild.

Shannon Ryan LMP


“With precision of light, intuition, and presence, Shannon's healing sessions are in the realm of mastery. I highly recommend her sessions as support if you are excited as well as serious about taking your body, heart and soul on the most extraordinary journey possible this life time.”

~ Jessica