shannon ryan, energy medicine practitioner

Medicinal Qigong and Internal Alchemy

A community healing session and energy cultivation practice drawing from the wisdom teachings of traditional, classical, and original Qigong.

Classes open with seated meditation and Dou (shaking…the inner drumming and dancing of the heart.) The forms we practice are guided in response to the community qi field, which is of course influenced by the hour, day, season, and who arrives. We end in meditation and a brief closing ritual. 


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The Forms


Chinese Shamanic Wu Style Qigong (Emei Zhengong)

Zhan Zhuang

Three Sources (Three Treasures)


Five Elements

Chinese Shamanic Cosmic Orbit

Shamanic Tiger Qigong

Fire Dragon Meridian Qigong

Five Dragons Standing Form

Five Dragons Meditation (Sitting form)

Wuji Qigong

6 Healing Sounds

Bone Breathing

Awakening Light Gong

Intuitive Qigong/ QiDance